Case studies

Case Studies.




Case studies

Case Studies.




"VYPR is a fantastic market research tool which gives you quick, accurate and cost effective results. It has helped us shape our strategy and NPD ... and we intend to us it as part of all NPD and market research in the future."


"VYPR allows us to shape product development to best meet consumer needs... and ultimately improve our NPD success rates."



"Since using VYPR, our development process has become much more efficient, as we explore a wider range of concepts before investing any time or resources in product development. VYPR also elevated our strike rate in launching successful products."





"We like VYPR because we can get quick reads on initial ideas and they provide excellent, responsive customer support."



“We have access to a lot of market data, but rarely does this explain why our customers behave in the way that they do. We use VYPR every week, not only to help us test new innovations, but to get closer to understanding what is driving purchase decisions, what we could launch in the future and propensity to purchase new product variants, drilling down at a retailer level. I am delighted to say that VYPR has delivered ROI for our business with key retail partners. The cost is reasonable, the validation technology generates trust in what we're proposing and is much faster than traditional market research. It is also very user friendly and our product managers and sales people pick it up straight away.”

Laura UNSWORTH, Category Development Manager.



“VYPR is very exciting; it really helps us to validate our NPD.”




“Not only does VYPR give us great insight into how a shopper's mind works, but it has changed the way we look at the range of products we test. A seriously good application."

BINGHAM & JONES, Innovations in Food.

"VYPR is beneficial when it comes to making NPD decisions in challenging categories. It’s fast and simple to use.

We use VYPR to test pack sizes, USPs and product descriptors, as well as delving deeper into flavour profiles and usage occasions; ensuring that we get our NPD right first time.

Critically, VYPR also provides us with the evidence we need to support our strategies with retailers and they respond well to the results."


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Road-test VYPR

Road-test VYPR

Road-test VYPR's technology & consumer panel. 

75% of new products fail in their first year.

We’re on a mission to change all of that.

In our experience, people fail to test products effectively with consumers, either because it’s too expensive or they’ve been burned by relying on old-school market research that doesn’t translate into commercial performance at the ultimate moment of truth: in the live context of a frantic shopping mission.

We’d love you to road-test VYPR, give us your feedback and enjoy the benefits of better product intelligence. We’ll connect you to 1000s of consumers and you’ll get unlimited opportunities to test your latest innovations or iterations.

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